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Wired Orthodontics has three convenient locations in Greater Austin, with our Leander office located only ten minutes away from Cedar Park. Our team of experienced orthodontists, Dr. Stansbury, Dr. Santos, and Dr. Syvertsen have established a reputation for providing compassionate care in a welcoming and enjoyable environment. 

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Understanding the significance of oral health in your life, we are committed to consulting with you to find a personalized solution that meets your unique needs. If you’re in the vibrant suburb of Cedar Park, we’re here to make your orthodontic journey an exciting one. Whether it’s recommending Invisalign or traditional braces, our goal is to ensure your comfort and provide exceptional care and service that exceeds your expectations. 

All members of our team and treatment staff are registered assistants who consistently deliver high-quality work while maintaining a supportive and uplifting atmosphere.  

Your Comprehensive Cedar Park Orthodontist Practice

Cedar Park, a major suburb of Austin, Texas, with a population of over 79,000 people as of 2020, is a growing community that values the importance of a confident smile.  
Wired Orthodontics – Leander is near Cedar Park and offers a range of orthodontic services, including: 

Invisalign aligners, providing an alternative to traditional braces at a comparable price. With Invisalign, you can enjoy greater flexibility, easier maintenance, and a virtually invisible solution for achieving a beautiful smile. 

Modern-day clear braces crafted from discreet ceramic materials, offering a more subtle appearance while still delivering effective orthodontic treatment. 

We recognize that each patient is unique and strive to not only identify the right solution but also to support you throughout the entire process. Your well-being and happiness are our top priorities, and this commitment is reflected in the care we provide. 

Highlighting our commitment to excellence, Wired Orthodontics takes pride in our esteemed recognitions including being a Top 1% Invisalign® Diamond Plus Provider. Our orthodontists, accredited by the American Association of Orthodontists and board-certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, embody our relentless dedication to delivering exceptional care to every patient. These accolades underscore our steadfast dedication to orthodontic excellence and patient satisfaction.

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If you’re near Cedar Park and in search of top-quality orthodontic care, Wired Orthodontics is your trusted choice. Just 2 miles from Cedar Park, Wired Orthodontics in Leander is easily accessible via 183A N and E Crystal Falls Pkwy.  

We offer free orthodontic consultations for Invisalign aligners and braces. We strive to make treatment affordable for all patients. We accept most dental insurance and provide 0% APR financing and flexible payment plans

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