If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I really appreciate how this orthodontic establishment is not one to rush in and put braces/appliances on a patient just because. Dr. Chris took time to look at our pictures and X-rays and determined that waiting for about nine months would be more beneficial. I felt like I could trust him and his staff. Holly was so kind from the beginning and even took time to talk with me while Amelia was engrossed in watching what was happening in the cleaning room. We look forward to starting our journey to a happy and healthy smile with you and your staff.” — Amelia C.

“It was awesome. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.” — Adam C.

“Dr. Chris and his staff are always courteous every visit I make. I am glad I made this important life decision with the best team in town!” — Joseph A.

“You all are wonderful! You provide excellent care and make it fun at the same time. It’s always a good experience at every appointment!” –— Grace M.

“Great team you have. Casey is always very friendly and explains what she is doing. Some patients such as Alina really do notice and appreciate the personal touch. Kim at the reception area is wonderful too!” — Alina D.

“Dr. Chris and his staff are so kind and welcoming. I love them!” — Marissa M.

“Dr. Stansbury and his entire team are very knowledgeable, helpful, and are doing a terrific job on my son’s teeth. I would recommend Dr. Stansbury to anyone needing orthodontic treatment.” — Jaron M.

“This is a completely different experience than what I remember as a kid. My orthodontist was more like the scary dentist dad that Willy Wonka had in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ Chris and all of his crew are awesome, friendly, and knowledgeable. From reception to the technicians. Can’t say enough great things!” — Jaden S.

“Your team’s jovial attitude and comedy makes a big dentistry wuss such as myself feel more at ease on my visits! I would undoubtedly recommend your team to all potential clients!” — Joseph A.

“Your staff is always so patient with my daughter. Even providing alternative solutions when she is scared or unsure. Thank you for being so thorough, calm, and detailed when going through each step. We appreciate it!” — Emily R.

“We love Dr. Chris. He and his staff are always extremely friendly and caring.” — Logan L.

“Everyone is always very pleasant! The people are great, and we are extremely happy with the treatment we have received for all three of our family members.” — Christian G.

“Thanks to Dr. Chris and his friendly staff, I am over-the-moon excited to finally get the smile I have always wanted!” — Rebekah P.

“Dr. Chris and staff are wonderful. Have met and exceeded our expectations on the braces journey! Progressive, gentle, and they care about their patients.” — Gracie N.

“The staff in this office is so awesome! They not only know what they’re doing, they make orthodontic appointments fun and easy to come to.” — Judi P.

“The whole team was very warm and welcoming!” — Lauren R.

“Always a pleasure to get to see Dr. Stansbury and team. Definitely let you leave with a smile. Plus, they take extra special care of making sure not just my nervous nelly child but all children and patients are comfortable in all ways.” — Skylar H.

“I came in without an appointment and was seen quickly and courteously.” — Donna R.

“My son had a discoloration from his adhesive from phase-one treatment. I asked his dentist about it as it was really causing kids to make fun of him. My son brought this up to Dr. Chris in passing, as it was not even part of the reason we were in the office. Dr. Chris took my son and spent a few minutes and buffed away the adhesive removing the discoloration on his teeth! My son and I cried; it was all he asked for at Christmas. Wired Ortho delivered early!” — Jackson T.

“My sweet little guy was very apprehensive about getting spacers put in and it took a lot longer than I had expected to convince him it would be okay. The staff was so patient with us and helped him understand what they were going to do and that it wouldn’t hurt. After a short while, he allowed them to place the spacers. The staff was amazing! Thank you.” — Bryce J.

“Always professional. Always courteous.” — Ariana M.

“Love the way your team always makes Joseph feel right at home. He always leaves with a smile on his face. Looking forward to our next visit. Will definitely be bring our daughter here next.” — Joseph D.

“We had a great appointment with Raquel and Dr. Chris. Thank you for always making us feel comfortable!” — Kate S.

“Your staff is professional and fun even at 7:30 am!” — Elena D.

“Always friendly, thorough, and professional!” — Laurie N.