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Speed up your orthodontic treatment, safely and comfortably

We know many potential patients may not love the idea of spending months in braces. But with PROPEL orthodontics, you can speed up your tooth movement, and for many patients, treatment can take as little as a year. Every patient’s orthodontic issue is different, so every patient will experience different results, however, PROPEL’s state-of-the-art technology can help every patient speed up their treatment time.

So, how does PROPEL work?

We’ve seen excellent improvements in orthodontic technology over the last two decades. These improvements have made treatment much more efficient, but not necessarily faster. PROPEL changes that.

PROPEL works by stimulating the bone around your teeth, helping the teeth to move faster and more predictably to their ideal locations. It not only can mean less time in braces, but also less time in our office because PROPEL can mean fewer visits. PROPEL can help your teeth shift and the surrounding tissues heal faster than they could with orthodontic treatment on its own.

PROPEL is done in our office and does not require any invasive procedures. Treatment is comfortable, with little to no discomfort for most patients, and there is no recovery time.

Nearly 80% of orthodontic patients can safely use PROPEL, and it can be used in conjunction with TADs, clear aligners, clear braces and traditional metal braces.

If you’re interested in learning how you can shorten your orthodontic treatment time, call our office today to learn more about PROPEL.