iTero® Digital Impression System

iTero® Digital Impression System

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Conventional vs Digital Impressions

In the past, one of the dreaded parts of orthodontic treatment was having impressions taken. Patients had their mouths filled with goop that they had to wait to harden to provide an impression of their smiles. It was uncomfortable and annoying. But those days are long gone! With the iTero scanner, our orthodontists can get an accurate impression of your teeth digitally. The iTero scanner is safe, fast and comfortable, but most importantly, it is reliable. It’s accurate digital impressions ensure your orthodontist can craft the most ideal treatment plan to meet your needs.

How Does it Work?

The iTero scanner uses the latest in optical technology to capture digital images of the teeth and gums. The small, handheld wand scans your mouth with a radiation-free laser, taking the most accurate impressions of your mouth. The technician can stop and start as often as you need to, ensuring you remain comfortable throughout the process. And, in as little as two minutes, you’ll be able to see a perfect 3D impression of your mouth. The iTero scanner can be used to help us plan any treatment, including Invisalign.