Invisalign Teen® Info

Invisalign Teen® Info

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Bummed out about having braces? You can straighten your teeth with minimal disruption to your daily life with Invisalign Teen!

I have enough to worry about... I need braces too?

We know the teenage years can be hard - you have enough to worry about without adding a mouth full of metal. Invisalign Teen has you covered.

Invisalign Teen is perfect for your busy high school years because the aligners are:

  • Clear
  • Removable
  • Super comfortable
  • Customized just for you

Pizza, chips, popcorn - yes, please!

Your friends in metal braces will have to alter their diets while in orthodontic treatment - that means no pizza, popcorn, bagels or other foods that we know are staples of a teen’s diet. But if you choose Invisalign Teen, you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want!

Invisalign Teen aligners are completely removable, so that means whenever you want to eat, you can - and, you can eat whatever you want!

It's your life; keep it that way!

Invisalign Teen aligners are virtually invisible, completely comfortable, and totally durable. No matter what activities you participate in, you don’t have to worry about your orthodontic treatment getting in the way.

Answers to your questions from an actual Invisalign patient just like you.

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