Put Your Best Smile Forward This New Year

best smile

Austin, TX – Have you spent a lifetime hiding your smile? Make 2018 the year you smile confidently through orthodontic treatment. Not only will you have a beautiful, straight smile to show off, you can also improve your oral and overall health, too.

“Orthodontics can provide you with a straighter, more appealing smile, thereby increasing your self-esteem and confidence,” says Austin orthodontist Dr. Chris Stansbury. “But a pretty smile isn’t the only thing orthodontics can do. A straighter smile can also improve your oral health, and good oral health can actually improve your overall health.”

How exactly can orthodontics improve your oral health? Crooked and crowded teeth are harder to clean properly. When your teeth are overcrowded or otherwise spaced improperly, there are a lot of hiding spaces where food can build up. This build-up then turns into plaque, which if left can then turn into cavities. And if your plaque build-up gets too severe, it can lead to periodontal disease. When you straighten your teeth through orthodontics, it allows you to properly clean your entire mouth, without having to worry about these hiding places.

In turn, you’ll actually be improving your overall health, too. Did you know that gum disease is actually related to a host of other health issues, including heart disease, diabetes and even preterm labor for pregnant women?

Bad bites can also be associated with other health issues, such as headaches, neck aches, earaches, jaw and shoulder pain. If you wake up each morning with one of these pains, it could actually be related to your bad bite. When your bite isn’t properly aligned, it places an abnormal amount of pressure, which can lead to pain. Orthodontics will not only straighten your smile, but align your bite, as well.

Dr. Stansbury and his team at Wired Orthodontics take their calling to improve smiles very seriously. Every day, they see the impact their work has on their patient’s lives, and they see the incredible benefits their patients reap from their treatment.

“There are so many reasons why orthodontic treatment is a benefit to patients,” says Dr. Stansbury. “For some people, it may be related to improving their oral health. For others, it may be with improving their self-esteem. No matter what the reason for seeking out orthodontic treatment, we can help you get the smile you deserve.”
If you’ve spent a lifetime in pain, or have spent too much time in your dentist’s chair, or hate to show off your smile, there is no time like the present to discover the power orthodontics can have on your life. Call Wired Orthodontics today at 512-258-6979 for your complimentary consultation.

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