October is National Orthodontic Health Month


Austin, TX – October is National Orthodontic Health Month, and that makes it a great time for you to discover more about how orthodontics can help you or your child. So many times, people think orthodontic treatment is solely meant for cosmetic reasons. While a beautiful straight smile is certainly one benefit of orthodontics, there is so much more to what we at Wired Orthodontics do every day.

“Orthodontists work with patients to create beautiful smiles, yes – but a straight smile also means a healthy, properly functioning smile, and that is always our end goal,” says Dr. Chris Stansbury, an Austin-area orthodontist. “Straighter teeth not only look nicer, they are easier to clean, meaning you can stave off cavities more easily. And, a proper bite will have less of a risk of damage from uneven pressure being placed on your teeth.”

Orthodontists work with patients of all ages. While the most common image of someone in braces is probably an adolescent or teen, more adults are discovering the power of orthodontics. In fact, nearly one in five orthodontic patients today is an adult.

“We treat patients as young as seven, which is the recommended age for children to have their first visit with an orthodontist, but we also treat many, many adults, too, who are looking to improve their smiles and the health of their mouths,” says Dr. Stansbury.

But how exactly does orthodontics lead to a healthier mouth? If your teeth are crowded and overlapping one another, how easily can your toothbrush reach all of the surface of the tooth to clean it? Or how easily can your floss get between those teeth to adequately remove build-up? If you can’t properly clean your teeth, you are at risk for cavities and gum disease, and if those conditions worsen, you leave yourself at risk of tooth loss and other problems.

If your teeth don’t properly fit together when you bite down, you may also be opening yourself up to a host of other problems. Do you find that you have frequent headaches, jaw pain, neck pain or even ear aches? Those could all be signs that your bite is off. A bite that is even slightly off means you are placing too much pressure somewhere, and that can lead to pain, as well as damage to your teeth. Over time, you may find your teeth chipping, cracking or breaking.

But orthodontic treatment delivered by a well-trained, certified orthodontist can take care of all of that. Not only will you get a gorgeous new smile, you’ll have one that functions properly, too. Orthodontics can transform your life – discover what orthodontics can do for you by calling Wired Orthodontics at (512) 258-6979 to schedule your free consultation.

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