AcceleDent® Aura


AcceleDent® Aura

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Smile Faster!

Many people love the idea of a beautiful new smile, but don’t love the thought of spending months or years in braces. Acceledent Aura can help! The easy to use appliance can speed up tooth movement by as much as 50%, meaning you’ll be showing off your new smile faster than ever.

Acceledent Logo

It’s Fast.

AcceleDent Aura requires only 20 minutes of daily use. It’s lightweight and It utilizes a SoftPulse Technology® that sends gentle micropulses to accelerate the movement of your teeth.

It’s Gentle.

The patented SoftPulse Technology® offers a safe approach to speeding up tooth movement. In fact, the force applied during regular chewing is actually 200x greater than the force applied with Acceledent Aura. Acceledent Aura is gentle enough for orthodontic patients of all ages!

It’s Safe and Reliable.

AcceleDent Aura has been demonstrated as safe to use during U.S. clinical trials. Thousands of patients worldwide have been seeing the excellent results achieved through daily use since Acceledent was introduced in 2009. Acceledent is approved by the FDA and is only available by prescription from an orthodontist.

AcceleDent Aura will make you smile, faster!

  • Achieve the beautiful smile of your dreams, faster than ever!
  • Accelerate your orthodontic treatment, without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.
  • Added to your daily routine, Acceledent is so lightweight and comfortable it will easily become a part of your daily routine
  • AcceleDent is safe for use by patients of all ages