What is Itero® ?

iTero is more than an image, it’s an impression. It’s the intuitive operation and ease-of-use that’s infused into our scanner. It’s the sense of confidence that comes from offering your patients the utmost in digital precision. It’s the efficiency and flexibility of open source imaging and streamlined workflow. And it’s the inherent sense of satisfaction that comes from a beautifully completed case.

Intuitive input, precision output

Every aspect of the iTero® imaging system has been engineered so it’s easy enough to master quickly, yet powerful enough to meet all your needs. It’s simple… it’s iTero.

The upside of A high-tech chair-side experience

iTero nearly eliminates all those outdated impression processes that cause you fits, and cause your patients to gag. In their place, iTero offers precision imaging that enhances accuracy and improves final outcome without the mess. Where traditional impressions can bubble, tear or distort, iTero eliminates these physical flaws. And unlike other systems that require you to coat the teeth with powder, iTero offers you the simplicity of a powder-free, single-person, point-and-capture procedure.

Imaging made effortless

The intuitive software and real-time digital display use voice prompts to talk you through each scan. Simple eraser and hole detection tools empower you to fine-tune your image prior to sending, creating a more precise orthodontic impression.

The next logical step

The completion of your scan is just the start of what iTero® does for you. Unlike other systems that dictate your postscan options, iTero puts you in control with the workflow selections that suit you best. Our open source image file can be used by CAD/CAM equipped labs (or practices) and iTero models can be used by every lab. Because giving you the ability to choose is the ultimate expression of logic.

Itero® For Invsialign® practices

If you’re an Invisalign provider, or are planning on becoming one, then iTero intraoral imaging is a natural fit. Invisalign cases started with an iTero scan experience seven times fewer fit issues7 than those started with a traditional impression8. By eliminating shipping delays, ClinCheck® treatment plans using iTero scans typically are posted 50% faster than for cases using PVS impressions9. Not only that, impressions generated with iTero have 10X fewer rejections compared to PVS based impressions10. Best of all, your Invisalign patients will be sure to share their “gag free” experience with friends, family and colleagues.

A logical tool for patient communication

Leverage your iTero scanner as a chair-side platform for enhanced patient communication and education, and to drive acceptance of Invisalign treatment. With the Invisalign Outcome Simulator* it’s easy to show your patient the benefits of Invisalign treatment.

  • Simulated outcome starts with an iTero scan and may be run chairside on your iTero scanner or in a consult room using your computer via
  • A dual view layout shows the patient’s current dentition next to their simulated final position
  • Intuitive tools allow real-time