Early Prevention

early prevention

At Wired Orthodontics, we’re aligned with the American Association of Orthodontist’s guidelines, which recommend that an initial orthodontic examination be performed at age 7. This visit is intended to evaluate your child’s developing smile and determine whether early preventions might be indicated.
 Early Prevention, aka Phase I, is usually recommended because of something your dentist/orthodontist may have concerns about; but here are a few signs that your child might be a good candidate for early prevention orthodontic care:

  • Difficulty chewing or biting into food
  • Crowded front teeth around age 7 or 8
  • Mouth breathing
  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • Thumb sucking past age 5
  • Speech impediments
  • Teeth that “stick out”

When treatment is begun early, the orthodontist can:

  • Guide the growth of the jaw
  • Guide incoming permanent teeth
  • Regulate the width of the upper and lower dental arches
  • Gain space for permanent teeth and possibly avoid the need for permanent tooth extractions
  • Reduce likelihood of impacted permanent teeth
  • Correct thumb-sucking, eliminate abnormal swallowing or speech problems

If your child is between the ages of seven and eight and shows signs of needing orthodontic care, please call our office to schedule a complimentary exam. We specialize in making sure your little one has a fun and enjoyable experience.

In the event your child is not ready for orthodontic treatment, we’ll continue to observe them in our growth guidance program. Our growth guidance program enables us to continually monitor and evaluate the growth and development of your child so that we may determine the appropriate timing for orthodontic treatment. Please know that our growth guidance program is a complimentary service that we offer our patients.