WO - AcceleDent

What is AcceleDent®?

Wired Orthodontics is excited to offer a new technology called AcceleDent. AcceleDent consists of a device that you use on your mouth for about 20 minutes per day to accelerate your orthodontic treatment or help your teeth move faster. This device can help move your teeth up to 50% faster than just braces alone.

How does Acceledent Work?

The device is hands-free and is easy and safe you use. You turn the device on and set it in between your teeth for about 20 minutes while you are free to watch TV or work. Acceledent applies micropulses to your jawbone and speeds the rate at which your teeth move. Patients say that Acceledent helps lessen the pain of braces!

What is the benefit of Acceledent?

If you are on a time schedule for your treatment and Dr. Chris feels that you are a good fit for this option, AcceleDent can help you reach a tight deadline for a beautiful smile!

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